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Bling Bling, les perles à suivre, se confient à l’équipe sur leurs premières sorties !

by Okame

They made their debut on November 17, 2020 with the single G.G.B, in a flamboyant style as meaningful as their band name, Bling Bling. At only 1 year of their career,  Bling Bling already has an energetic fan community ready to do anything to make them climb to the top. The little K-pop gems to follow, here they are, in an exclusive interview!

Hello, can you introduce yourself for the french fans? 

Bling Bling : Hello we are BlingBling!
Narin : I am Narin, BlingBling’s tinkerbell.
Juhyun : I am Juhyun, the leader.
Yubin : I am Yubin, the maknae.
Marin : I am Marin, the main dancer.
Ayamy : I am Ayamy, the rapper.
Jieun : I am Jieun, the main vocalist.

Why did you choose the name Bling Bling? Also, you all are associated with a stone (diamond, ruby, bloodstone, aquamarine, opal, amethyst), what does it mean, and do you feel that those stones match your personality? 

Bling Bling : Our name, BlingBling, refers to 6 lights that came together to make one shining light. Our stones actually show our birth month ! For Narin, who is born in October, it’s the opal. For Juhyun, born in April, it’s diamond, for Yubin, born in February, it’s amethyst, for Marin, born in March, it’s aquamarine, for Ayamy, born in July, it’s ruby and for Jieun, who is born in March, it’s the bloodstone. 

Can you tell us, each one of you, when has your passion started for music?

Bling Bling : It was actually quite similar for us. We all grew up listening to other idol groups’ music and wanted to be singers ourselves and that dream grew from then on.

Ayamy, and Marin you are from Japan, how was it, coming to Korea to live from your passion?

Ayamy, Marin : When we were growing up in Japan, we were into Kpop and that made us want to become singers. So we took dance classes and with our dance teacher’s introductions, we came to Korea for an audition and then joined BlingBling.

Can you describe your music style?

Bling Bling : We believe our recent album <CONTRAST> (as the title suggests) shows our chic and cool side along with our lovely and sweet side which is shown in the music.

With more than 1.6 million views on YouTube, G.G.B, your debut song, has this really catchy sound and this “girl crush concept”, what messages do you want to convey with this music? 

Bling Bling : As it was our debut song, we really wanted to express and deliver our aspirations and energy , which is how the song came to be.

Oh MAMA, your comeback of may 2021, was also a huge success, can you talk about this song? 

Bling Bling : Both songs show our  <CONTRAST> album’s concept well. We were happy to show our cool and chic side in <Oh MAMA> while showing our lovely side in <Milkshake>.

You also have an incredible fashion style in those videos, do you choose your own clothes? For example, we heard that Ayamy, you can design clothes?

Ayamy : I majored in fashion design in high school so I designed a lot while in school. And I even got to style our clothes for one of our performances. I hope to design clothes for our concerts / performances again.

What do you want to say to all these young girls who are watching your MVs and listening to your music? 

Bling Bling : We hope that you guys can get both strength and energy through our music!

What kind of concept (music, style, dance) do you want to try in the future? 

Bling Bling : We still haven’t tried so many so there are many genres we’d like to try but among those we’d really like to try the ‘high teen’ concept.

How do you feel about these “pandemic years”, what did you want to do and you couldn’t? 

Bling Bling : When we debuted, it was a shame because we could not meet many of our fans but we had recently been meeting our fans through fan meetings and fan signings so we were so happy. After all this ends, we’d love to have concerts abroad to meet all our fans abroad.

Can you give us some hints about your next projets ? 

Bling Bling : We are preparing a lot to show a new side to us so we hope that people will look forward to it !

Can you tell us some of your hobbies/guilty pleasures?

Bling Bling : These days we’ve been actually spending time together watching films, tv shows and playing games.

Do you know some French words or have you ever been to France?

Bling Bling : Bonjour, je t’aime.

Jieun : I went to France when I was really young but I was too young to remember it.

Have you got a last word for your French/European fans? 

Bling Bling : Hello, we are BlingBling. We are so happy that our European and French fans have been cheering us on. We really hope to meet you guys and show our performance to you all in person. Till that day, please give us lots of support. Thank you !

We would like to thank Jin, MJ TONZ for global promotion and label MAJOR9 for this interview with their girl group Bling Bling. 

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