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[INTERVIEW] N.Flying : pour son premier concert en France, le groupe de rock audacieux s’ouvre à l’équipe !

by Celia Cheurfa

Fearless and reckless, during concerts, N.Flying has shown to us under a new light, timid and wiser, with their same sense of humour, on the occasion of a special interview ! To recall, N.Flying’s journey has officially begun in Korea in 2015, until nowadays, with the prodigee and the maknae Hwe-sung entering the band in 2017, and for their first time in France, to the delight of their fanclub, the N.Fia. If the band has always rooted itself in an FNC Entertainment’s colour, with rocker spirit and opus, the four young men, in other words Cha-hun the guitarist, Jae-hyun the drummer and Seung-hyub the singer do not stand against pop vibes. Proud of that, they are looking for their own colours. Thus, it is not that surprising that the band sent a chill to charts with “Rooftop”, leading them to the pole position of the trendiest and the more dynamic Korean rock bands, seeking an international take-off. Get lost in this sweet conversation !

Hello, can you start by introducing yourself ? 

N.Flying : Bonjour, nous sommes N.Flying. (applause) [Hello, we are N.Flying]

Cha-hun : Hello my name is Cha-hun and I’m the guitarist of N.Flying. 

Seung-hyub : Hello, I’m Seung-hyub. 

Hwe-sung : Je suis Hwe-sung. [I’m Hwe-sung]

Jae-hyun : Bonjour je suis Jae-hyun. [Hello, I’m Jae-hyun]

What does N.Flying means?

Seung-hyub: N.Flying stands for ‘New Flying’, which means that we will fly again.

How would you describe your musical universe ? 

Cha-hun: Our base are dance sounds. We try to assimilate this kind of music to revisit it through our own manner. Each album, each song has a different style. While some are light and joyful, others are heavier and carry great meaning.

If you had to chose among your songs the one which represents the most N.Flying, which one would you chose ? 

Seung-hyub : Woah, the song which embodies the most N.Flying ?… Let’s say that us too, try to get our own color, thus we diversify the genres. But if we had to chose one song, I would chose ‘Octapbang (Rooftop) 옥탑방’ because it is the most famous, as so we could say that this is the song which represents us the best. 

Have you been dreaming of becoming singers since your childhood ? 

Cha-hun:  Yes, for me, I have been playing drums since I was ten. At 12, I discovered a video and I started thinking about becoming a guitarist. 

Seung-hyub : When I was a child, I wanted to be a scientist, an artist, and also a soccer player and a basketball player ! 

Hwe-sung : I wanted to be a diplomate when I was young… but I am now a singer ! (laughs)

Jae-hyun : I did not wanted to be a singer at the beginning, but a lawyer ! 

In your opinion, why are Korean rockbands so trendy in France nowadays ?

N.Flying: We did not even know they were !

Seung-hyub:  You seem to say that out of politeness. 

CKJ : Oh ? They really are ! 

Seung-hyub: It is the first time I have heard of it, we are very glad… If you mention korean rockbands, it might be thank to our seniors it is now popular. Here is the reason, to me ! 

You will perform for the first time in France tomorrow, how do you feel ? 

Seung-hyub :  Yesterday was my first time in Paris ! It was our free time day, thus we were able to see beautiful landscapes. Imagining performing here, my heart was beating fast from excitment. And I wonder how we were known from people, today, we are here. I am really moved. 

Did you prepare something special for tomorrow’s concert ? Can you give as a little clue ?

Jae-hyun : Ah… Yes, we prepared a very special gift, and all the things we are experiencing, we are doing it for the first time. Coming to Paris, speaking in French… We realized speaking French was so difficult and we were concerned… After considering it, we decided to enjoy a little present for all of those who have been waiting for us for a long time.   

Seung-hyub: Do you know what is ‘A Star is Born ?’ .

CKJ : Yes.

Cha-hun : This contains a little clue ! 

On tv shows, there is such a good chemistry between all of you, how do you explain it ? 

Cha-hun : In my opinion, we try to identify ourselves to each of us. I’m always telling myself ‘this is not a stage where I can stand out”. I’m wondering thus how the other members can do to shine. I think it is important to think that way. 

Jae-hyun: You said we were getting along on shows, I think it is because we perceive ourselves as a family more than simple work mates

You are working on “Fly High Project”. Tell us a bit about this work ?  

Seung-hyub: Yes, about the project “Fly High”, the aim is to do busking promotions at the same time as releasing the album. During concerts, we are performing our new title as an exclusive premiere. Beyond that, we try to meet the more often as possible our N.Fia. 

All of your songs portray different themes. Where do you get your inspiration from ? 

Seung-hyub: In daily life, we tend to say “the light leaves the office earlier than us”. [editor’s note : They work so late that the light outside is already off when they are leaving]. As you can note, we are inspired by daily life experiences.

Among all of your concert, is there one which is particularly unforgettable ? 

Cha-hun: I can not think about one specific unforgettable concert. They are all [memorable], and each of them has its own little story. 

Seung-hyub: Each concert has its own feature, and I feel that tomorrow’s one will be very special ! I have heard that the people who will be there [editor’s note : inuendo, french fans] are really passionnate !

Leaders of charts with “Rooftop”, you were truly moved during you first win on “The Show”. Tell us about your feelings. 

Jae-hyun : But I did not cry ! (laughs). By the way, I was overwhelmed by a new feeling. My mind remembered, like a movie, all the efforts and all the sorrow we have gone through. I think that is the reason behind our tears.  

What are the artists who inspire you ? 

Cha-hun : There are too many of them. For my case, I started playing the guitar because I was inspired by a rockband. Recently, I have started listening to Panic At The Disco and Post Malone. 

Can you talk about your upcoming projects ? 

Seung-hyub : The concert in Paris will be the last of our world tour ! Thus, we want to wrap up the travel with success. In fact, in Korea, we are always working on new songs. For the upcomings titles, we might show a new side of N.Flying. At the same time, we want to perform a lot to be able to meet the N.Fia. 

As it is your first time in France, did you learn some specifics expression in French ? 

N.Flying: Je suis N.Flying, enchanté ! Plus fort. [ I’m N.Flying, nice to meet you ! Louder.]

Jae-hyun : Excusez-moi, déli… délicieux ! (laughs) Merci beaucoup. [Excuse-me, deli…delicious ! ]

Seung-hyub : I was told that adding ‘beaucoup” [a lot] means using of ‘vous’ [editor’s note : the use of ‘you’ as a polite form]..

Tous: It stands for ‘a lot’. 

Seung-hyub : But this is so tough ! 

CKJ  : Thank you for this interview !

We sincerely thank Kim Nayoung for her translation and HXL Events and FNC Entertainment for having us allowed to have this beautiful interview. 

You can now have a look at our live-report !


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