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[INTERVIEW] Choi Suhwan se confie à nous sur son début de carrière !

by Celia Cheurfa

French version on page 1, 3페이지의 한국어 버전 (Korean version page 3) 

Hello Suhwan, can you introduce yourself?

Hello, I’m Choi Suhwan, a solo singer. A lot of people know me from the show Produce X 101. Now I challenge singing, dancing, writing, choreography and even musicals.

When did you start dreaming of becoming a singer?

My dream took shape in primary school. I participated in a singing contest that I won, and I think I enjoyed performing on stage. I was part of a dance club and I joined an academy to pursue my dream.

How would you describe your style of music?

Regardless of the genre, I experiment with various things. I want to be a singer who can do ballads and R&B, EDM and rock, in his own style. Lately, I have perfected my R&B techniques a lot. I’m still practicing writing lyrics. I think the more music I make, the more things there are to practice.

Tell us a bit about your latest single, Left On Read!

It is a love song that embodies the conflict of a person, when, ready to confess his love, sends a message to the other person who does not answer one. It’s R&B with a certain beat.

Tell us more about the writing process of the single.

I was involved in writing the lyrics to this song, and I wanted to make one that young people my age who are falling in love can relate to. I received the guide in English without the lyrics. The title is Let On Read so I kept that in mind. The clip also tries to rely on the lyrics.

Can you tell us more about your plans for the future?

City Night includes 3 parts. So there’s still one song left. For some time, I have been developing my activities as an actor. I auditioned for a musical, and I was invited for a performance planned in Spain in April.

Do you remember your concert in Toulouse [Woori Festival]? How was it ?

It was the first time I sang in front of so many people, so I was nervous but also very happy. Singers always need a stage, and I think I’m happiest when I’m on stage. If I have the chance, I would like to return to Toulouse.

What are your hobbies ? What do you do when you’re stressed?

I’m the homebody type. I stay at home or I am going to practice room. My life motto is quite simple. I enjoy watching Marvel movies and playing video games online. Sometimes I cook dishes at home. Other times I play the guitar.

Do you have a message for your French and European fans?

I am so honored to have started my activities abroad in France. I hope there will be more opportunities to meet my European fans in the future. I can go anywhere, anytime, as long as there’s a scene, so I’ll keep working hard. Thank you so much.

Many thanks to Choi Suhwan, LYNNA Entertainment and Laury Verdoux from Moonlight PR for this interview

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