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[INTERVIEW] Kannagi Rabbits : les idols nous racontent une jolie histoire

by Celia Cheurfa

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For its first edition since Covid, the music program of the Japan Expo festival (France) was quite limited, particularly idol groups, but Kannagi Rabbits was here and definitely drew attention! Without any further ado, find out more about this one of a kind idol group…

©Kannagi Rabbits

Hello, can you start by introducing yourselves?

Kannagi Rabbits: We are a group inspired by Japanese legends and tales, especially the God’s helper rabbits from Japanese culture. We’re looking for the bell that was stolen and we came to Earth to find it. It turns out that this bell is on Nippon Budokan’s stage, a very famous venue in Japan.

You are from Osaka, are you inspired by the folklore of the Kansai region?

Rin: Osaka is a city of entertainment and fun that mixes a lot of things. This is also the case for us, we try to mix several styles of music. It is perhaps representative of our region.

Speaking of music style, can you describe yours to us?

Rin: Our style mixes several themes, especially Japanese traditional music. We only sing in Japanese but we also incorporate modern elements in our music, which come from rap and hip-hop.

How were your performances on Japan Expo’s stage?

Rin: So far, Japan Expo is the biggest event where we ever performed. It was very impressive. We are really touched by the number of French spectators who came to attend our concert.

Is this your first time in France? What would you like to visit?

Ayane: Yes, it’s our first time! We haven’t visited the city yet, but we would like to go see the Eiffel Tower!

Can you tell us about your future projects?

Rin: We hope to have more spectators internationally and we already have a schedule in August, the TIF (editor’s note: Tokyo Idol Festival), one of the biggest events in Japan. Then, we will attend JAM EXPO which takes place in Yokohama, and afterwards Japan Expo (editor’s note: not affiliated with the French festival) in Bangkok, Thailand.

What is your favorite music, the one that best represents your universe?

Aoi: I’m Aoi and I choose « Koisuru Usagi wa 39°C ».
My name is Asahi, my favorite song is « Amakasa ».

Rin: I am Rin, it’s « Hastukoi » for me.

Ayane: My name is Ayane and I love « Mamoribito no Uta ».

Narisu: I am Narisu and I love « Homura ».

Lio: My name is Lio, and I like the song « Shinpi no Hana ».

Irina: I am Irina, and my favorite title is « Chi Haya Furu ».

Do you have a word for your French and European fans?

Ayane: We think our French and European fans already have an idea that comes to their mind when we talk about idols, but we hope to bring them something new. On the occasion of Japan Expo 2022, we started to learn French and we hope to deepen our knowledges to be able to communicate better next time. We also hope to be able to come again at Japan Expo in France!

We would like to thank Kannagi Rabbits and Japan Expo for this interview!

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