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[INTERVIEW] A l’occasion de la sortie de “Somewhere Between You And Me”, April 2ND nous racontent leur histoire !

by Celia Cheurfa

April2nd: folk, rock, dreamlike, a touch of sensuality for a real travel … All with great humility. April 2nd, this is the band you have to know !

And for good reason ! How to define it if it is not by superlatives? Virtuoso and hypersensitive, April 2nd is the band of fall season. Somewhere between the earth and a distant universe, like their new EP Somewhere Between You And Me, the four musicians explore the essence of folk-rock music, in its experimental and passionate aspects. . For this occasion, April 2nd have gladly agreed to give themselves up to us to tell us their story. Enjoy!

Please note that the “I” might corresponds to “We”.

Hello April 2ND, can you introduce yourself and tell us more about your band ?

Kim Kyung Hee : Hello! We are a band from South Korea! Called April 2nd. We are so happy to have a chance to say hello to you all !

How would you describe your musical style and your music evolution ? How would you describe your relationship with each other ?

Kim Kyunghee : Well, I reckon, we are based on rock music. But it’s mixed with some other types of music such as electronic, pop and funky.We always change our musical styles. So it’s kind of hard to say what type of music we play [laugh]. Well… we just do what we want to do. Being part of April 2nd feels like being part of a family!

About your music diversity,  you are truly exploring various genres, how do you deal with the composition process and concepts ?

Kim Kyunghee :  Normally, when I write songs, I try to express my feelings in the song rather than try to sound like any particular genre. So sometimes it sounds like rock, sometimes it sounds like electronic or whatever.
I personally think genre is not that important to musicians. The thing is how we could make people dance or feel good or whatever.

The OST “Longing Hill” for Crash Landing on You and “I am Here” for Goblin were one of your most successful songs, can you tell us more about how you reacted with this success ? Were you surprised ? Maybe anxious ?

Kim Kyunghee : To be honest. I have never expected that. So I was so surprised when it was on the chart.
I deeply appreciate it. Well. Maybe next time, I might have a party [laugh].

You have now dropped out a new EP, can you please tell us more about this album ?

Kim Kyunghee :  It’s called ‘somewhere between you and me’. We had spent so much time on this album.
In terms of sound, we really wanted to try something new. Tried something we had not done before. So it took so much time. And I wanted to show people our different sides. I mean.. we used to be like… always fun and happy on stage, but through this album I/we wanted to do something different!

Each song of the album is the representation of a story, how did you succeed in writing about all those stories you may have experienced in your life ?

Kim Kyunghee : Sometimes I write fiction but in this album it’s all about my stories. And my thoughts.
I used to sing about hope, love, good feelings. But through this album I wanted to say something different. Wanted to show people my different side.

Can you please tell us more about the process of writing this album ?

Kim Kyunghee : I always put some words down on my phone, and record melodies and riffs and whatever comes into my brain. Those are the beginning of the song writing. And I pick the good one and bring it to my computer!

Which one of the songs in this album suits you the most at the current time (each member individually) ?

Kim Kyunghee : I personally pick “Villain” because I always want to be a Villain!!!!!

Dae Kwang: “I love <PDSG>. The imagery and texture of this song are combined perfectly with Kyunghee’s vocals, and the meaning of the song seems to be well expressed.

Woo Geon  : I love <Daisy> best. I liked it a lot since the first time I listened to the melodyline. Though it has changed a little bit during arrangement, but I think the impression I felt at first still remains.

Sunny : <Goodnight Goodnight>. The full sound feels good and comes close to me. And I think it goes well with the weather these days.

How was the pandemic period for you ?

Kim Kyunghee : This album is a little dark, compare to our previous albums… A year ago, I was kind of feeling like, anxious and depressed for a while. That’s the reason, and I reckon it’s because of the pandemic period.
For me it was really hard to be being out of stages for so long time.So, I, still want more but,, yeah, I’m so so so happy to be back ! More than words can say!!

Can you tell us more about your hobbies ?

Kim Kyunghee : I think this one is the best and most fun question. No one really asked this… why…?
For me, , a part from music (well,, it’s my fav hobby though…) I love swimming, riding skate board and bike along the riverside!!!!! I’ve just recognized I’m so active.  Recently I started Yoga! And, what else… I love painting too !

To end this interview, do you have a last word for the European fans ?

Kim Kyunghee : Yeah I hope this could not be the last words ! I want to talk to you more! Thank you so so much for supporting us! Hope we could tour and meet you soon! It will happen not in far future! See you then! Much love !

We would like to express our gratitude to April 2nd, Chili Music Korea and Laury Verdoux for giving us this beautiful interview. 

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